Eyeglass Lenses

There are many different options when it comes to lenses:

Single Vision

  • which only contain one prescription in them


  • which contain two separate and distinct prescriptions (usually for distance and reading). These lenses are most commonly known as “the ones with the line across the bottom”.


  • which have a natural range of powers from distance to near with no line. In some cases, a progressive can be adjusted to contain only a range from intermediate to near vision. These are known as Office / Computer lenses.

In conjunction with lens style, there are also options with respect to lens color, tints and coatings.

Photo Chromatic

  • lenses darken when exposed to UV light.


  • lenses have a tint to them. Some people prefer a light tint to cut out glare or to improve their vision. Others need a darker tint that resembles more of a sunglass.

Polarized Lenses

  • are lenses that cut out the glare caused by reflections off shiny surfaces.

Anit-reflective Coating

  • decreases reflection and strain caused by computer screens and headlights. It makes your lenses appear clearer, and your eyes are more visible.

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